Enterprise Excellence Ireland Exhibitor/Sponsor/Network Details

Please provide as much information as possible as the more we have the better we can match you to our delegates at Enterprise Excellence Ireland 2020. This information will be shared with all attendees on a regular basis throughout the event. Please complete and return the below form no later than 13th November 2020.

Remember, the more details you provide the better we can interactively promote your products and services, generating leads, inquiries and business.

The virtual platform will have an incentive leader-board which will encourage delegates to come to you, while also giving you full view of all delegate contact details.

  • This email address will be used when a delegate visits your stand and requests information, meeting or has questions to ask.
  • Accepted file types: png.
    png in High resolution format.
  • This could be a brochure, advertisement, catalogue or any form of material you use to promote your products and services.
  • This video link could be a an overview of your organisations products and services. The video will be available to all delegates and promoted throughout the event.
  • Stand Representative

    Please allocate 2 stand representative names & email addresses, more if required.
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