Workshops for Enterprise Excellence Ireland 2020

11.15am (Dec 2) - Workshop 1 (Stuart Nelson – Jigsaw Better Business) - Leadership, Culture, Behaviour & Team

 The Jigsaw Better Business – Lean Mindset framework focuses on the pillars of  Leadership, Individuals, & Teams.  This interactive workshop will focus on the latter, Building Better Performing Teams through the nurturing of Psychological Safety.  

A Psychologically Safe team is one in which all members feel valued and able to speak up with relevant ideas, questions, or concerns.  Psychologically Safe teams are Learning, Innovating, and High Performing teams that will ensure your Lean sticks.

How do we know if Psychological Safety exists in our organisations, how do we measure it, nurture it, and, if Y=(x), what are contributing factors?

In addition to discussing the above, we will measure Psychological Safety live among the workshop attendees and share a roadmap for Shaping the Lean Mindset in your organisation.

Workshop facilitated by Stuart Nelson.

According to his clients, Stuart asks an awful lot of questions.  Perhaps it is his love of Columbo, but it is likely his Coaching approach to helping people, teams and businesses be the best they can be.

Stuart is the co-founder and C.I. Director of Jigsaw Better Business and has extensive experience working with individuals and teams going through change.  With Black Belts in Lean & Six Sigma, and 3rd level qualifications in Psychology, Innovation, and Coaching, he supports the people behind the process to sustain change.

Stuart won the inaugural award for Contribution to Lean Learning at the 1st Lean Business Ireland Enterprise Excellence awards for his research and training / coaching program for the pillars of Lean Culture, Leadership, Team Learning, and Employee Engagement.  A frequent speaker on the Lean Mindset, he has spoken at regional, national, & international conferences on the subject.

Jigsaw Better Business is an Award-Winning Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Local Enterprise Office Lean Service Provider, and through creative problem solving, people development & process innovation, we help great businesses BE BETTER!

1.40pm (Dec 2): Workshop 2 (Sean McNulty – Dolmen) - Using Design Thinking to define priorities

Using Design Thinking to define priorities.

If you have an ‘urgency for change’ and are given 1.5hr to get from defining a complex challenge with a large team of people, in order to get to prioritising the solution options to setting agreed prioritised actions - this is one application where I found Design Thinking technique work brilliantly.

We are now living in a changed world, everything is accelerating including our customer needs to meet this changed world. We hear requirements for sustainability, circular economy, faster time to production, smarter processes, data driven dashboards and delivering better end user experiences.

This is why I apply  Design Thinking as a ‘challenge’ solving technique on the above to move teams and senior management from discussing to doing, in a time bound event within a structured framework.

I will share the theory, the template I apply and some practical industry examples of how to apply Design Thinking to solve those frustrating challenges and process problems in an a more structure framework, eliminating long discussions that only capture one perspective on the challenge.

11.25am (Dec 3): Workshop 4 (Dr Ann Sheahan – Entellexi) The 7 Steps to Hoshin Planning

As Deming once said “There’s a difference between doing things right and doing the right thing.” Doing the right thing” implies effectiveness; “Doing things right” implies efficiency. Many lean projects drive efficiency only which means many companies end up doing the wrong things efficiently!  In this workshop from Entellexi, we consider Hoshin Kanri, a method for aligning strategy with action at all levels in the organisation. We demonstrate our cloud solutions with case studies from both large and small size companies, aligning performance score cards with daily activities.

1.50pm (Dec 3): Workshop 5 (Fergal Brophy Innovators) Innovation Road Mapping

Repurpose, Reimagine, Rethink are central innovation themes of the Covid era. In this active, immersive workshop you will playfully practice these core skills and share a journey of how organisations have responded to the pandemic so far by repurposing, reimagining, rethinking products, services, ways of working and business models. Fun, games & key business learning outcomes GUARANTEED.