Workshop Running Between 1:15 - 1:45pm

Shaping the Lean Mindset - leadership, employee engagement, team learning

With Lean and Change journeys, implementation is a challenge, sustaining change even more so.  Getting the culture and climate right is critical to sustaining improvements.  To do this we need to create a climate where an innovation culture can flourish.  This is a climate where team members all have a Lean Mindset in a Psychologically Safe environment.

This session will walk you through the 3 behaviour pillars of this culture, The Leader, The Individual, and the Team.  We will show you how it is measured, and how each impacts the other, all based on substantial research undertaken.  You will have an opportunity to assess your own Leadership Style, plan how you can become a more Transformational Leader, and know the key steps to create the climate for a Lean Mindset culture.

Workshop facilitated by Stuart Nelson.

Stuart is principal consultant with Jigsaw and works with organisations to solve problems and enable them to develop an Organisational Growth Mindset.  Jigsaws original Lean Mindset research and workshop won the inaugural Lean Business Ireland award for Contribution to Lean Knowledge in 2018. Stuart brings over 20 years’ experience to the analysis and improvement work he carries out.  Using tools from Lean, Six Sigma, and Design Thinking, and techniques such as coaching, mentoring, and training, he is optimally positioned to guide the person and the process through the change cycle. Recognising the critical role of the cultural and the individual in the Lean improvements, Stuart completed degree studies in Psychology with research into the leader’s role in team engagement, learning, and openness to change.  The findings of this research have been presented at academic and professional conferences.  Stuart holds Black Belts in Lean and Six Sigma along with 3rd level qualifications in Psychology, Innovation, Strategic Management.  Jigsaw is a Lean Business Ireland approved provider of the Enterprise Ireland Lean Business Offer.

Title – Strengthening your Business against Global Uncertainty

Improving Competitiveness, Market Diversification and Innovation are key to a sustainable business

If you want to know the why the what and the how of achieving a strong performing business in the face of many challenges outside your control, then join Breda, Gerard and Jonathan at 13.00 to hear more.

Expect  a short, sharp workshop focusing on maintaining a sleek supply chain, getting prepared for unknown challenges, and tips on state supports to help you diversify!!!

Lean Business Ireland – Regional Networks

Sharing and learning with and from others can make the journey to improvement both quicker and more effective. Lean networks provide opportunities to share and learn together.

Networks have been established throughout Ireland with the goal to create an industry led forum that facilitates the sharing of Lean system experiences and best practices for the benefit of all their members.

Each network organises a number of company site visits and best practice seminars every year. The networks are open to all companies, regardless of sector and size, that are looking to learn, share, sustain and grow.

Whether you are from Donegal or Waterford, Limerick or Louth, there is an industry network ready for you to access. All the networks have a presence in the main seminar rooms where you can sign up for free and find out what events are coming up in your area.

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