Dublin Lean Network

The Dublin Lean Network was set up to bring companies, regardless of size and industry type, together to share Lean business ideas and best practices. This network of Lean Practitioners provides information to organisations on how to implement Lean in their business through free webinars, Q&A sessions, company site visits and networking opportunities.

The network and its events are available for businesses at all stages of their Lean journey (manufacturing and service) and of all sizes.
Share your own Lean journey with those on the Dublin Lean Network.
Opportunity to connect with professionals who specialise in Continuous Improvement.
Establish connections within the Dublin Lean Network.
Learn how companies successfully implemented Continuous Improvement programmes.
Get direct access to Continuous Improvement professionals who want to share their knowledge and experience.

The network usually runs one event each month - register at https://www.linkedin.com/company/dublin-lean-network/ or directly at https://forms.gle/Ewuazz7r9RfUcqaw9 to be kept up to date.

Midlands Lean Network

The Midland Regional Lean Network will be an integral part of the Lean Business Ireland Strategy. Its aim is to bring together excellence in the region and to provide a forum to network, collaborate, and learn.

The network and its events will be for organizations at all stages of their Lean journey and of all sizes. Events will be focused and conducted in a timely manner, with site visits and seminars on topics as defined by the network.

The leadership team will be industry led and organizations are invited to form the 1st leadership team.

Mid-West Lean Network

The Mid-West Lean Network, launched in November 2016, was set up to strengthen and increase the existing culture of lean within the Shannon and the wider Mid-West region.

Its aim is to enable each industry to broaden and strengthen their competitiveness through knowledge sharing and bench-marking against each other and different industries. The network hosts a range of workshops and on-site visits annually, concluding with the headline end of year conference.

The network is always open to new members from any sector.

North East Lean Network

This industry-led network focuses on best practices and cutting-edge developments in lean enterprise, operational, and process excellence; lean thinking and practices; and continuous improvement.

South-East Lean Network

The South East Lean Network helps public and private organisations from across all manufacturing and services sectors that have adopted or are adopting Lean Thinking & Practices to enable operational and enterprise excellence, and to sustain their competitiveness.

Southwest Lean Forum

The Southwest Lean Forum (SWLF) was created in 2018 by a working group consisting of representatives from educational, industry, government and public bodies.

The strategic goal is to create an industry led forum that facilitates the sharing of Lean system experiences and best practices for the benefit of all members in the South West region.

West North West Lean Network

An industry led business network promote Lean methodologies and sharing ideas that foster competitiveness for success.

Working closely with small business, academic institutes, and industry we provide assistance to anyone in the West North West region looking to progress their Lean Journey.
We facilitate webinars with subject matter experts, arrange best practice visits to successful Lean sites and provide advice and support to those who are interested in Continuous improvement, Lean, Six Sigma and Shingo Principles.

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