Breakfast 33

" Small Business, Big Impact: Driving Growth with Lean Principles"

Purpose of the Panel:
This panel discussion  aims to highlight how Lean can be effectively applied in smaller business settings, addressing unique challenges and providing tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Panel Structure:

  • Moderator: Stuart Nelson, Director of Operations & Program Development at Jigsaw Better Business. Stuart, a seasoned Lean practitioner with a Master Black Belt, will facilitate the discussion.
  • Panelists: Barry Hayes & Claire Morgan from McWilliam Bags & Sailmakers, who have seen significant benefits from adopting Lean methodologies in their business practices alongside Jamie Cuthbert from the South West Lean Forum / Local Enterprise Office.
  • Overview:
    • Opening by Stuart Nelson: Introduction to the relevance of Lean for small businesses and brief introduction of the panelists.
    • Interactive Panel Discussion:
      • Challenges and Lean Solutions for Small Enterprises: Discussion focusing on specific challenges faced by micro and small businesses and how Lean strategies provided effective solutions.
      • Audience Q&A Segment: Open interaction with the audience, allowing for a lively exchange of questions and insights.
    • Summary and Closing Remarks by Stuart Nelson: Conclusion emphasizing the main insights and actionable Lean principles tailored for micro and small enterprises.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Lean Fundamentals for Small Businesses: Understanding how Lean principles can be scaled down to fit the unique needs of micro and small enterprises.
  2. Transformation Stories from Small Businesses: Sharing practical experiences from the panelists about their journey with Lean, highlighting the specific challenges and outcomes.
  3. Tackling Small Business Challenges: Exploring common obstacles small businesses face, such as limited resources and less formalized processes, and discussing Lean solutions that have proven effective.
  4. Benefits Realized: Discussing the tangible benefits that Lean has brought to small businesses, including quicker turnaround times, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction.
  5. Sustainable Practices: Integrating Lean with sustainable operations to not only improve efficiency but also promote long-term sustainability.

Expected Outcomes for Attendees:

  • Targeted Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Lean can be adapted to suit the specific circumstances of micro and small enterprises.
  • Actionable Strategies: Discover practical strategies and tips specifically useful for small businesses looking to implement Lean.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with speakers and attendees to form connections that support business growth and Lean adoption.
  • Resource Access: Information about further resources and support for small businesses interested in Lean.

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