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3SIXTY partners with the most ambitious Irish companies to deliver their full growth potential.

We believe that SMEs are the bedrock of the Irish economy. The all-too-often overlooked heroes.

We recognise that companies are made up of good people doing their best to succeed. And they, like everyone else, have their challenges along the way.

Sharing our mission of supporting ambitious Irish companies, our experts become your experts, bringing huge industry expertise to support you and your business so you can achieve your full growth potential.

Our vision is to be the go-to partner of choice for ambitious Irish companies who want support in achieving their full growth potential.

Advanced Technical Concepts Ltd.

Our solutions include:
- modular tubling and square profile solutions such as racks, trollies, workstations, height adjustable benches, machine enclosures,
- bespoke stainless steel fabrication for solutions that require a combination of stainless and modular tubing or square profile,
- totes & containers,
- visual management soutions such as KPI boards, shadow boards, safety signage and floor tapes for floor marking.

Our innovative and bespoke engineered solutions are designed with the operator at core. From concept design right through to installation, our flexible solutions will grow with your production line and/or workspace, maximising efficiencies every step of the way.

Atlantic Technological University

ATU offers students the opportunity to study part-time through a variety of delivery modes such as online, blended, and on-campus learning with progression routes from Level 6 Higher Certificate right up to Level 9 Masters.
We have the experience and expertise amongst our academic and support staff to ensure our graduates succeed, in whatever path they choose.
With over 20 years’ experience in part-time online and blended learning, we will give you the flexibility you need to invest in yourself and your career whilst also balancing life commitments such as family, work, or caring responsibilities. Our focus has always been to deliver a flexible part-time learning experience designed to suit you and your life.
Atlantic TU offers a new higher educational experience. Building on the foundations of applied learning, our university will grow through research informed teaching.


Blocworx is a no-code software that facilitates enterprise-level digitalisation & Operational Efficiencies. The Blocworx Platform allows companies / organisations to deliver Software solutions without needing to code.

Build entire workflows, track processes, implement rules, checks and user criteria, and use all your data to analyse your performance, productivity, and create automated reports / Dashboards.

Our customers have built products such as Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES, CRMs, Quality Management Systems - QMS, Warehouse Management Systems - WMS, HR Systems and hundreds of Tracking Modules for everything from ESD logs to Asset Tracking to GDPR Compliance to Health & Safety / Risk Assessments.

We have developed a network of No Code Builders / Citizen Developers, Subject Experts and API / Integration Developers. For more information, please visit https://www.blocworx.com/

Crystal Lean Solutions

Crystal Lean Solutions are experienced Lean Consultants and Training Providers to the Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors.

We manage all aspects of a Lean transformation, including strategy development, Lean transformation Planning, People development, Process development with appropriate KPI’s, visual management and problem solving methodologies.

We are approved Lean Consultants for both the IDA and Enterprise Ireland, and can also advise on funding available to support your Lean journey and we are commended by Lean Construction Ireland (LCI).

We enable our clients to systematically drive competitiveness. For example; Proven cost reductions of up to 31% , Reducing lead times by up to 73% and increased cash flow of 55%.

Our approach is build on; Flexibility. Simplicity. Results.


For over 28 years Dataworks have helped leading Life Science companies to deliver better outcomes through the Optimisation, Automation and Digitisation of their Processes. We apply our deep understanding of your sector, our Lean and OpEx experience to deliver truly transformational solutions to your business. We work collaboratively across all functions and levels of your business to develop the optimum solution with you. We strive to ensure that the social and technical aspect of your workplace operate in harmony, empowering your teams to work more effectively, make more informed decisions and enabling them to deliver their true value to your organisation.

We look forward to meeting you at the Lean Business Ireland Conference 2023.

Contact us any time if you would like to discuss how we can use our experience and expertise to deliver real benefits to your business.

Address: Dataworks Ltd Unit 4i, Six Cross Roads Business Park Waterford.
Tel: +353 (0)51 878 555
Website: www.dataworks.ie

Engineering Industries Ireland

Engineering Industries is Ireland’s engineering business representative group and one of Ibec’s newest Trade Association launched in November 2021, Engineering Industries Ireland represents over 150 industrial engineering manufacturing and services companies in Ireland. The engineering sectors we represent have exports at €8.8 billion or 3.6% of national exports, 10,800 enterprises employing 50,751 people and 65% indigenous companies. Our members are involved in industrial automation, precision engineering, agriculture machinery, material handling, packaging, energy and environment, process engineering, automotive, metal fabrication & processing, renewables and engineering services.

We represent engineering businesses, both homegrown and multinationals, big and small, to advocate for a supportive business environment, as well as provide expert employer relations, industry insight and incomparable networking opportunities for our members.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the state agency responsible for supporting the development of manufacturing and internationally traded services companies. We provide funding and supports for companies - from entrepreneurs with business propositions for a high potential start-up through to large companies expanding their activities, improving efficiency and growing international sales.
Enterprise Ireland can support your Lean / Digital Enterprise Excellence journey, whether it is to benchmark and improve business processes with the support of digital technologies, to innovate your entire organisation, or to transition your organisation to the low carbon more resource efficient economy of the future.
Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Business Offer (LeanStart, LeanPlus, LeanTransform) is designed to encourage clients to adopt Lean business principles in their organisation to increase performance and competitiveness.
Lean tools and techniques are helping companies across the globe to address competitiveness issues within their businesses by building the capability of their people to identify problems, improve operations and create a more innovative organisation.

ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet
Helping Businesses Be the Best They Can Be

Exploring new and better ways of working that will bring improvements in the shortest time.

Learning how a challenge that has kept you awake at night has been solved by others.

And knowing that you’re building a strong company not just for yourself, but as part of your commitment to Ireland’s competitive future.

The key to it all is SHARING. A coming together for the good of not just one, but for all. At the Irish Centre of Business Excellence, our Members know that power is gained by sharing knowledge, not holding on to it. Because knowledge only reaches its true potential when we pass it on – and watch it multiply. Without a doubt, some of the most successful companies in the world are those who share, collaborate and practice free exchange of ideas.

This ‘willingness to work together’ is in the DNA of the ICBE, and has seen us help set, support and share best business practice, skills and knowledge for all our Members within the manufacturing and service industries.

Through events, customised funded training, Benchmarking Visits to exemplary companies and our unique Call for Support process we facilitate continuous improvement, spread innovations and collectively solve problems for the good of all.

ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet
This comprehensive Skillnet is committed to promoting innovation and productivity though industry-led training for the manufacturing and service sectors in Ireland. Advanced methodologies and technology are key focus areas.

Focusing initially on Lean, Six Sigma and Shingo, this Skillnet has expanded to include key technologies and methodologies from automation to data analytics and additive manufacturing.

IDA Ireland

IDA Ireland is Ireland’s Inward Investment Promotion Agency. The Agency partners with overseas companies to secure new investment in Ireland and collaborates with companies to expand their existing footprint in Ireland. IDA Ireland works with a portfolio of almost 1,800 overseas companies operating in Ireland across a myriad of industry sectors from Technology and Life Sciences to International Services and Financial Services.

Today, 9 of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies, 14 of the top 15 Medical Technology companies, 9 of the top 10 Industrial Automation companies and 7 of the top 10 Global Software companies have established operations in Ireland.

Whether you’re a large, established multinational or a high-growth scaling company, Ireland offers the perfect platform for continued success.  Our proven track record for attracting global foreign direct investment means companies benefit from unrivalled experience in setting up rapidly and quickly achieving scale. IDA Ireland continues to support companies on their transformation journey through a number of supports including Lean, Digitalisation, Sustainability, Innovation and Training grants.

With over 70 years’ experience in partnering with corporations and start-ups to internationalise and scale, IDA Ireland has gained a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed – come and speak to us during the Lean Business Ireland conference so that we can discuss in more detail how we can support you as you continue to grow and innovate your operations in Ireland.


At Kyzentree, we help manufacturing companies to track and improve the performance of their manufacturing floor in real-time. Our platform combines sensor data with live operator feedback to give a precise understanding of how effectively any type of operator-driven process is performing.
The hourly management dashboards give frontline support teams a consistent way to address issues on a day-to-day basis. The daily dashboards give a snapshot of shift performance for more collaborate tier meetings. The trend dashboards provide engineers with insights to drive step improvements in performance over time.
The software is backed up by a highly experienced lean-sigma team who provide onsite coaching to ensure every client gets the maximum value from the platform.


Founded in 2002, LBSPartners is a business consultancy firm that provides leadership and operational excellence training that specialises in the areas of digitalisation, business excellence & strategic direction. We are guided by the LBS business transformation framework, enabling our clients to become better businesses.
We work closely with our clients to help them transform into the streamlined efficient operation they aspire to be. Together we do this by guiding our clients in developing skills and techniques to become more efficient, productive, and cost-effective to fulfil the value proposition they offer to their customers.
We have extensive Digital, Operational Excellence, and Leadership experience in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Irish-owned, indigenous companies across a number of sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, financial services, public sector, and medical devices.

Leading Edge Group

Leading Edge Group develops a natural bond with leaders focusing on business transformation. We grow as your organization grows and improve performance by providing customized services that deliver measurable results. We work with you every step of the way to realize your organization’s true potential because we care about your people, your culture and your customer. We care about passing the benefits of our experience to you, as an individual, an SME or a large corporate or healthcare organization. Striving for perfection underlies all that we do and we will provide you with the platform to develop a Continuous Improvement culture and sustain it in your everyday work. We use a combination of data based process change and positive cultural change to improve performance and help your organization grow.

Who Are We?

Leading Edge Group was established in 1995 in Cork, Ireland by our CEO Joe Aherne. We have continued to grow and expand with operations in Canada, Australia and the Middle East. Joe established the business when he realized that positive change is achieved by going back to the very basics – the people. Leading Edge Group was established to help the real experts – every manager, every operator, every administrator, every clinician, every CEO. With our experience, we act as a lever for change to allow you to realize your organization’s true potential. In over 24 years, we have worked with more than 1,000 satisfied clients to deliver anything from full organization-wide transformations, rapid improvement events to customized training solutions, all of which have created over $1B in improvement savings.
You can read about our team here.

We are a leader in the provision of:

Business Transformation
Management consulting
Change management
Strategy development and deployment
Process/operational improvements


Unlock Your competitive edge with LeanTeams

Are you ready to elevate your organisation's performance and achieve extraordinary results?

LeanPractitioner Program:
Our renowned LeanPractitioner program, in operation since 2009, has successfully completed over 600 projects. Participants have the opportunity to earn the nationally recognised QQI Level 5 certification.

Expert Coaching:
Our coaches will mentor your staff through process improvement projects. Individual projects have yielded an impressive annual return of €50,000, all with an investment of less than €2000 per person. On average, projects deliver an outstanding return of €15,000 in hard savings.

Ideal Partner for Forward-Thinking Organisations:
Choose LeanTeams as your strategic partner if your organisation:
• Sees practical process improvement as integral to its operations.
• Values the development and growth of its people.
• Prioritises individualised support to drive process excellence.

Engaging Workforce Transformation:
Through our interactive in-person or online business simulations, we immerse your entire workforce in Lean concepts, making learning practical and experiential


We Are The OEE People!
We work with the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies to increase capacity, reduce costs, improve quality & drive continuous improvement. Our unique record of combining our IIoT Smart Factory OEE Software, PerformOEE, with our Science of Manufacturing Methodology delivers real-time visibility, analysis and control of your manufacturing performance.

PerformOEE Smart Factory Software is a Smart Factory OEE Software Solution used by the world’s leading progressive manufacturing companies as their preferred IIoT application for managing real-time production performance & improvement.


Profitsflow is focused on the provision of Enterprise Resource Planning and Field Service software solutions to manufacturing and field service companies.  Profitsflow sets itself apart from its competitors by offering an individually tailored approach to its clients. A cornerstone of the company ethos is the belief that to deliver the best ERP solution for a client you most focus on understanding the customer’s needs.

Profitsflow core ERP solution is EFACS E/8. This software package is authored by Exel Computer Systems plc. Profitsflow is the sole distribution partner for the Island of Ireland.

The success of an ERP solution depends on its evolution which enables it to meet the changing requirements of the users. Profitsflow is in the unique position where we have direct access to the system developers which allows us to have an input in the future development of the ERP solution.

Address: Wexford Enterprise Centre, Rosslare Road, Wexford, Y35 VO48

Tel: 01 2449580

Website: www.profitsflow.com


RIKON is a hybrid centre of innovation in Business Technology Management situated on the South East Technological University (SETU) campus, in the heart of the South East of Ireland. Our BizTech strategists specialise in solving business problems and creating commercial opportunities through pioneering research advancements across business strategy, innovation, design, operational excellence and technology optimisation. RIKON think differently because we are a mix of business strategists, technologists and design thinkers who will create, incubate and deliver a future for your business that will produce extraordinary results and allow you to leapfrog your competition.

S A Partners 

Since 1993 our team have been supporting organisations in Ireland and around the world to build and leverage their capabilities, and develop the business systems required to achieve Enterprise Excellence. We do this through a combination of accredited training; coaching and consultancy. Our team supports clients in over 18 countries and we have trained over 16,000 people. We work with a wide range of companies supporting them with their continuous improvement journey using Lean, Agile, Six Sigma and Shingo Methodologies.

We are not a typical consultancy, we want our customers to build their own capability and not become dependent on us – we know we have succeeded when they no longer need our help. Our approach is centred around creating people and behavioural based solutions that inspire and engage.

As one of the largest SHINGO affiliates we can support both single and multi-site organisations on their Shingo Journey. We also offer all of the SHINGO Workshops both onsite and virtually.


Speire is a Digital Company that covers all areas of your digital infrastructure. We deliver expertise in Digital Transformation and Online Sales Growth along with bespoke Website, Software and Mobile App development. We enable you to reduce costs and increase profit margins by leveraging technology in a realistic, efficient and cost effective way.

Keeping Digital Simple.

SQT Training 

For 30 years, we’ve brought the latest thinking, the leading techniques and the most accomplished industry trainers into ambitious organisations, large and small, throughout Ireland, the UK and beyond.  We empower people with the capability to help their organisations reach the highest standards, maintain compliance and drive efficiency.  We are renowned for a dynamic, practical real world approach.  A combination of theory and practice that works.

We believe, in the field, the best people to learn from are seasoned industry experts, not just academics.  That’s why we so carefully hand- pick every single tutor.  People who have worked at the coalface, who can draw on their experience and share real world insights, stories and techniques. Leaders to empower and inspire you.

Training is much more effective when it’s made relevant to your organisation and your particular needs.  That’s why we make it our business to understand your business.  With that understanding we can best advise on who needs what training, and tailor programmes to precisely address your unique needs.

Keeping Digital Simple.

Seraph Consulting

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Suir Engineering  

We are a leading provider of innovative mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering solutions for our clients throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and other locations across the globe.

We provide best in class contracting solutions with in-house, flexible resources capable of providing a personable and consistent service to our customers.

Our people are our number one asset. Suir Engineering prioritise direct hire practices and make it our mission to contribute to our employees development every step of the way. Suir Engineering has a proud track record of retaining staff and promoting its talent from Apprenticeship to Director.

University of Limerick

The University of Limerick (UL) is an independent, internationally focussed university with a proud record of innovation in education and excellence in research. We are dedicated to educating the workforce and our progressive programmes are fully accredited, informed by industry and designed for working professionals. Our students gain practical real-world knowledge and experience that they can apply immediately in their current roles or to their future career ambitions. In addition to established programmes we design programmes specifically for organisations working closely with them to ensure the course is relevant, challenging and satisfies the needs of the organisation.
In the last 25years, UL has delivered world class programmes in Lean and Six Sigma and currently offers these from introductory to Doctorate level. We are the first university in Ireland to offer executive apprenticeships. In partnership with industry consortia and across multiple sectors, we have developed a suite of apprenticeships ranging from a level 7 diploma to a level 10 doctorate in enterprise excellence and other key industry areas area.

Verde Energy Group

Verde Energy Group, part of the Octopus Energy Group, is a leading Irish energy services company delivering solutions in solar PV, battery storage & lighting to the Commercial & Industrial market. The company operates in a range of sectors including Industrial, Education, Pharmaceutical, Sports, Healthcare and Retail, delivering both Capex projects & fully funded Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for our partners.
The company is driven by creating solutions that contribute to sustainable and affordable energy saving at scale for our customers.


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